My Story.

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About Me.

Some of us are lucky enough to find our passion early in life. I count myself as one of those fortunate few. A desk job was never an option for me. I’m a runner, a lifter, a sports scientist, and a health advocate. But above all else, I’m most proud to call myself a coach.

Rick Nally competing in a running race for Ireland

Elite Level Athlete.

At the age of 17, I discovered competitive distance running and immediately fell in love with the sport. Through hard work and dedication, I got to experience elite-level athletics. It was an amazing opportunity to travel the world and represent Ireland. These years solidified my passion for fitness and athletic performance.

Rick Nally competing in a running race for Ireland
Athlete wearing VO2 test mask

Qualified Exercise Physiologist.

My passion for understanding performance was further fuelled by my studies in exercise science. I studied Health & Performance Science at UCD, graduating with my BSc. in 2016. Seizing the opportunity to continue to develop as a sports scientist and as an athlete, I accepted a sports scholarship to UNT, where I further specialised in the field of human movement, graduating with my MSc. in 2018.

Rick Nally coaching a client practising a deadlift

10 Years of Industry Experience.

10 Years of
Industry Experience.

Over the past decade, I have had the privilege of working with a wide range of athletes. From working with UNT’s D1 Strength and Conditioning Department, developing elite performance in top collegiate athletes. To manager and head coach at the boutique training studio, Fitwithin, helping driven individuals to take control of their health.

Rick Nally coaching a client practising a deadlift
Rick Nally running outdoors on running track

My Mission.

It is from this blend of competing as an elite level athlete, studying to gain an in-depth knowledge of exercise physiology, and hands-on experience in guiding clients toward their ultimate fitness goals, that strong fit fast was formed. I help highly driven individuals to take their training to the next level, developing new standards of strength, fitness, and heath.